January 29

Welcome to Basketball Combine!

Welcome to We are excited to have you here to share a little bit about our vision and ourselves.

Basketball Combine is built on the foundation that learning and playing basketball should be FUN! It is our mission to teach basketball fundamentals and techniques in an environment that balances healthy competition with positive support from our outstanding staff.

One of the most prevalent reasons children avoid learning a new sport is fear of failure and making mistakes. At Basketball Combine, we embrace mistakes as part of the learning process! We encourage kids of ALL skill levels to join in and work towards their own personal goals. Whether it’s developing dribbling skills, nailing a jump shot or perfecting a free throw, Basketball Combine can help your child achieve it!

Founder and former collegiate basketball coach, Justin Kamm, started Basketball Combine after recognizing a need for quality year-round basketball instruction for kids that currently does not exist in many parts of the nation. Our goal is to create a community of Basketball Combine programs across the United States so all kids can have access to the best basketball instruction out there!

Each of our programs are based upon three main principles:

  • All kids learn best when they are having fun and not afraid to make mistakes.
  • All kids should have the opportunity to develop their physical and mental well-being through active play.
  • All kids deserve a positive, safe environment to gain self-confidence and character building skills that will help them succeed on and off the court.  

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