Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to reach out to your local Basketball Combine Director or directly to us via email or social media.

Who attends Basketball Combine programs?

Boys and girls ages 7-14 who want to have fun, make friends and become better basketball players.

Will each participant get individual time with the coaches?

Each player will get plenty of individual attention from the coaches.

Are staff members background checked?

Yes, all staff members are background checked.

How are staff members chosen?

Staff members are chosen based on their level of enthusiasm, experience , and passion for teaching the game of basketball along with many other factors.

Will Basketball Combine programs be too hard for my 7 or 8 year old?

Our coaches work with all age groups and your child will have fun and learn a lot regardless of their age.

What do the kids need to bring?

A basketball, proper basketball sneakers and apparel, lunch (if applicable), snacks, spill-proof water bottle filled with water or sports drink. No refrigerators will be available so please pack accordingly.

What is a typical daily agenda?

The typical agenda is filled with games, contests, and drills aimed at providing a fun learning experience regardless of age or skill level.

Do the boys and girls practice together?

All players are separated into groups by age, gender, and skill level but sometimes may play together.

What is the coach to participant ratio?

The maximum ratio allowed by Basketball Combine is 1 coach for every 12 participants.

How is bullying handled?

Basketball Combine has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and in the event that bullying is determined to have occurred then the offending participant’s parent/guardian will be notified and they will be expelled from the program.

What happens if my child gets sick/injured/requires medication?

A qualified Athletic Trainer will be present at all times to administer care to participants and will notify the participant’s listed emergency contact in the event anything happens.